Batman Begins (2017) Directed By Christopher Nolan Opinions, Movie + Cast Letterboxd

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I’ve utterly forgotten how badass this is.This movie is directed by Christopher Nolan and stars Christian Bale,Liam Neeson,Michael Caine and Cillian Murphy on this film that I have not watched in ages.The factor that makes this film so special and so totally different from the other Batman films is that it’s sooo totally different from the others trigger it does one factor….it truly explores the origins of Bruce Wayne turning into Batman….and that is spectacular.This movie is really amazing cause it does all the pieces the previous Batman movies hadn’t performed.And we bought amazing performances from literally everybody. I feel Cillian Murphy is a bit underrated and him portraying Scarecrow was an absolute blast to look at.Liam Neeson was also a fun a part of this film and he brought some of the best scenes on this film.The action is intense and the pacing is absolutely DC Superhero T-shirts phenomenal. It is a Batman movie and probably the second finest in TDK Trilogy and it starts something truely magnificent.