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Batman Begins is more than just your typical, silly, Sunday-morning Batman piece. It’s a work of art.
Earlier than this film, that’s all that Batman was. A silly popcorn flick.
But then the Nolan struck the cinemas…
He gave Batman a t-shirts that means. He didn’t just tell you: hey look, a bat swimsuit, would not it look cool? No. He mentioned: This is an individual. A person who’s tormented by the fact that his metropolis is dying, and desires to spark an emblem, so that people will stand up to their fears. So he picks his fear: Bats.
Christopher Nolan taking over Batman is the best thing in cinema since Kubrick. I could not imagine a better re-imagining.
I can not praise the good screenplay enough, as a result of it portrays parts of Bruce Wayne, which don’t only describe him as a person and as the Batman.

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