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Chili! Names, Substances Exotic

MARIETTA From a distance of about 100 yards, the aroma of spicy chili, slowly cooked in large pots over open fires, was unmistakable.

This wasn’t unusual chili, though. This was some of the very best, made by some of one of the best chili chefs in Oklahoma and Texas, and all competing for honors at the sixth annual Gap-N-Wall State Championship Chili Cook Off.

Chili wasn’t just chili at this occasion.

On this contest, chili was made from scratch with “any form of meat or combination of meats, chili peppers and different seasonings, and without such ingredients as beans, macaroni or fillers.”

The “meats” ranged from floor beef to pure sirloin steak, and included such exotic meats as rattlesnake and armadillo claw.

However the meats were not the one issues exotic about this chili. So have been the names.

Some are simple, with a story behind them, like “Laborious Hat Chili,” “Arduous Rock Chili,” “Lusty Labs Lick Lipping Libations,” “Diamondback Chili,” “Toot’s Curative Chili” and “Armadillo Claw Chili.”

Other names were extra ominous like “Blazing Saddles,” “Gag on a Spoon Chili,” “Crack of Daybreak Chili,” “Smokie Okie” and “Spoon Melt Chili.”

The chefs will only go thus far when describing how they make their chili and the components.

As one head cook put it, “You weren’t right here when the Brink’s armored truck pulled up with my secret ingredient?”

Floyd Donwerth of Oklahoma City, head cook of “Hard Hat Chili,” said his is made from all pure elements, including top eye of spherical beef, slowly cooked for 5 or 6 hours.

Donwerth boasted that his chili “must be eaten with one you love, because it has an amazing impact on your libido.”

Doug Sandridge of Edmond, head cook of “Bare Bottom Chili,” has been cooking chili for about 9 years and has found that orange peel helps set his chili other than all of the others.

“It sweetens the chili a bit, and the judges seem to take a fancy to it,” he stated.

Toot Lengthy of Ardmore, cook for “Toot’s Curative Chili,” said one the secrets to her chili was slow cooking and then letting the chili “set for 2 or three days on a backburner.”

She claimed her chili is curative because patrons leaving Toot’s Tavern say one bowl of her chili “straightens ’em right up.”

The head cook for “Diamondback Chili,” Lini Strickland of Shawnee, mentioned his was originally often called “Diamondback Ranch Chuck Wagon Chili,” but too many stored asking him if the chili contained rattlesnake meat, so he went ahead and included snake meat and altered its title.

Strickland uses beef for the chili, and only use a small quantity of snake meat for “flavoring.”

There have been almost 50 competing chili chefs in this caturday shirt cook off and only the top 10 cooks went away with trophies. Chili was judged on style, aroma, heat, consistency, coloration and grease.

Those winners, listed of their successful order and by chili identify, head cook and hometown, are: “Paine in the (Bleep) III, Ernest Romanowski of Dallas; “Good Chili,” Don Hartman of Marietta; “Paine in the (Bleep),” Bert Paine of Dallas; “Genuine Workhorse Premium,” Byron Reed of Garland, Texas; “Redneck No. 1,” Gary Reed of Thackerville;

“Bullhead,” Calvin Sweetin of Blanco; “Chili Con Kuunte,” Terry Gartside of Ardmore; “Wa Hoo,” Royce Reed of Marietta; “Lite Dynamite,” Carolyn Wallis of Ardmore; “Redneck No.Three,” Ricky Rains of Lindsay.

In addition to these trophies, three showmanship awards had been caturday shirt introduced. Showmanship, in this case, are the “rituals” or gimmicks contestants use to deliver samples of their chili to the judges.

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Showmanship winners were “Laborious Hat; ” “Lusty Labs Lick Lipping Libations,” Debbie St. John of Yukon; and “Hard Rock,” Jeff Land and Charles Ed Lain of Marietta.

One example of showmanship was the “Naked Backside Chili” staff. As that they had carried out last year at this occasion, workforce members wore aprons with their backsides exposed, drawing laughter from the crowd.