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Professionalism In Window Cleaning

Copyright (c) 2013 Darren Fitzjohn

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I’m writing this text really because I feel very involved about different window cleaners’ attitudes especially those who don’t see the potential of wanting skilled in their manner, by professional I imply, being a member of trade organisations like; The Federation of Window Cleaners (FWC) may give your personal business more credibility, particularly together with your clients. The FWC for instance solely allow window cleaners to turn out to be members if they hold full liability insurance coverage and private accident cover, they in turn offer recommendation and steering on the various facets of window cleansing in the true world and also supply programs on Health

1. Federation for Small Business (another good commerce organisation). 2. Web site. 3. Business Stationary. 4. Sign writing on car (free promoting). 5. Professional attitude and look. 6. Liability insurance and accident cowl.

I’ve been working in the window cleansing trade now for roughly around 18 months. Initially a good friend of mine approached me and asked me if I was taken with having a go. At the time I was unemployed and discovering it very troublesome to get back into work and my initial ideas have been that it didn’t seem my form of thing, and the thought of being out cleansing home windows on chilly and wet days was of no interest to me in any respect, and also taking a look at a number of the folks I noticed doing this type of work made me initially think that it wasn’t the most professional of jobs as they could be strolling across the streets the place I lived in i heart you shirt old shorts and t-shirts with ladders on their shoulders and a bucket of water in hand and using dirty rags; not a very skilled strategy in any respect.

Anyway, this brings me again to my point as to why I am writing this article in the first place, primarily in response to an issue that occurred solely only recently, around 3 months in the past on a Wednesday. I had gone out able to do some of my work that I had booked in the earlier night on George (database software program) for the day, when the weather took a flip for the worst. I decided this wasn’t going to be very conducive to window cleansing, so I determined to exit and drum up some extra business by delivering a few hundred of my newly printed enterprise cards.

I chose an area the place I didn’t have many shoppers and actually just thought it would be extra productive than going home and waiting out the rain, so carried on no matter the end result in the hope that I’d not less than get some form of response which, I did.

Later that night, I acquired a cellphone call on my cellular from a particularly angry and nasty sound-ing window cleaner, who i heart you shirt went on to have a proper go at me in a really threatening and unnerving manner ranting and raving that, “if he ever noticed me wherever near his ‘patch’ he would come over to me and rip my f*****g eyes out of their sockets”. On the time I remember attempting to calm him down and make him see reason, but he wasn’t having any of it, and went on telling me basically that I had been delivering playing cards on his so known as ‘patch’ (a very quaint mind-set in my view) which, I thought was a bit cheeky and even remember thinking to myself that it was a free nation and i had a right to deliver my cards anywhere I chose, and it actually wasn’t towards any laws to do so.

Because the night progressed on, I couldn’t cease pondering concerning the threats to me from this unknown window cleaner, so the subsequent day I determined to contact the local police almost about the matter in question, they took this matter very seriously certainly and to this day, the threats are nonetheless being in-vestigated.

Close to professionalism, although I feel that in all fairness, if you are a window cleaner and significantly nervous about others delivering leaflets or enterprise playing cards in your so called ‘patch’, ra-ther than be nasty and threatening you must remember that should you were doing a very good job in the first place, even appeared and acted in knowledgeable manner, you wouldn’t have anything to even be fearful or concerned about.

This concludes my article, within the hope it’d set off some form of response from different extra skilled window cleaners, who have happened across the same type of issues. If anyone would like to contact me for a pleasant chat about any comparable issues they have come across, they could be greater than welcome.